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The United States Polybech company focused on oil industry special chemicals R & D and production services, our products and technology is widely used in European and American oil production and petrochemical industry to provide efficient environmental and safety solutions for the global oil and petrochemical industry.


With the rapid growth of the global energy market demand, the increasingly tight resources and the improvement of environmental standards in various countries have put forward higher requirements for the technology of crude oil extraction, gathering, transportation and processing. Polybech relies on powerful R & D capability. It provides a wide range of chemicals for the petroleum industry, including water cleaning agent, demulsifier, pour point depressant, scale inhibitor, defoaming agent, corrosion inhibitor, thickening agent and sulfur removing agent. Polybech places safety and environmental protection first, and product development and applications adopt the world's most stringent environmental and safety standards. The company's products and technology development is based on customer demand, in the traditional products and technology based on continuous improvement, and continued development, breakthroughs in the process of innovation.